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picture 21 Acknowledgements:

Much of my historical information about the Coliseum Theatre came from the rich archive of files at the Seattle Museum of History and Industry. Other information came from former Coliseum employees, particularly Ronald Baggatt, who was an organist at the theatre while attending college in the '20's, and Mel Lilly, who was projectionist at the Coliseum on the night that it closed.

For information about the Coliseum and other landmark cinemas, I'd recommend the following books

The Best Remaining Seats, Ben M. Hill, Bramhall House, New York.
Nickelodeon Theatres and Their Music, Q. David Bowers, Vestal Press.
Great American Movie Theatres, David Naylor, The Preservation Press.

If you have any corrections, links, comments, stories, or suggestions, send them to Erick's e-mail. Thanks!

Last Show at the Colesium Theatre
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Text by E.H. Larson

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