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Images from a candlelight vigil for Kurt Cobain. A Memorial service at the Flag Pavillion and International Fountain of the Seattle Center. (Approx. 65K total page size)

A Gallery featuring architecture from the old Coliseum Theatre in Seattle; images of life during Desert Storm; and concert shots of two bands.

Some notable personalities of the Silent Era, including Alla Nazimova, William S. Hart, Lois Weber, and Georges Méliès.

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The lastpage is where the odds and ends tend to gather. Currently featuring some WW-I poetry, a search for Neville Brody, and some images.

"There's no hope in my beating any sense into you, but I'll knock some of the ignorance out of you!!!!"

-Everett True, ca. 1907

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New additions to this site:
Fantômas! Text and images concerning Fantômas, the mysterious arch-criminal/antihero created by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre, who captivated readers and filmgoers between 1911 and 1918.

***Under Construction***
The Coliseum Text and images about the Coliseum Theatre, one of the first of the true movie palaces. The Coliseum was designed by B. Marcus Priteca and operated in Seattle from 1916 to 1990.

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