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    Silent Films:

  1. Silent Film Screenings around the world.
  2. The Silents Majority, a classic film fan club.
  3. Hello, Harold Lloyd, a page devoted to the slapstick genius. Complete with images and some interviews and news aricles from entertainment magazines of the 1920s.


  4. The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5: Solid design. Smooth interface. Amazing information source.
  5. Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot
  6. Ultraman: Cumbersome to load, but full of info about the various Japanese TV series that started the Sentai genre, and a good starting place for exploring Sentai on the net. Eiji Tsurubaya's original Ultraman made his first appearance 30 years ago this month, on July 17, 1966. I'd advise disabling the image loader for this one, unless you're really curious about the subject matter.


  7. The World Wide Web Consortium: Clean and smooth. An excellent example of effective design, I think.
  8. Harappa: The web page for the joint Pakistani American Harappa Archeological Research Project. Stunning images. Nice layout. Fascinating content. Reasonable file sizes. This is one of those sites that seems to be doing everything right.
  9. Fontnet Home Page: See the Neville Brody entry on the lastpage for details on these this link and the next. If anyone knows of a good web page about Mr. Brody, drop me a line.
  10. Brief bio information about Neville Brody.


  11. The Site: The official home page for 4AD records. Kind of heavy on the design side, but it's got plenty of Vaugn Oliver/V23 presence.
  12. A 4AD database, US branch. Chillingly complete, down to the texts for samples from Colourbox songs. Big and bulky, but it's all information, and it's all cleanly acheived. A good site to load the graphics on if you can multitask for four or five minutes while you wait.


  13. William Blake: A personal home page about Blake, with text and graphics. Severely RAM intensive, with a large image backdrop for the main screen. Looks pretty, though.
  14. William Blake multimedia project. Mostly just a demo for a work-in-progress.


  15. Aminet Archive, St. Louis site. The essential source for Amiga computer software and data.


  16. Shining Moment Films, presenting film screenings in the Seattle area.
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